Businesses looking to produce plastic parts and components have quite a few manufacturing options, 3D printing and plastic injection molding chief among them. If you’re unsure of the differences between these techniques, choosing between them can be difficult. Which process is better?

While 3D printing has its advantages, especially for those looking to produce small runs of small parts, the newness of the technology makes it unreliable in certain areas. For companies that need to produce sizeable runs or parts of varying sizes and configurations, plastic injection molding is a much more dependable process. Let’s look at the benefits of plastic injection molding over 3D printing for companies that value their time, money, and the quality of their products.

High Volume Production

3D printing can only accommodate smaller runs of 100 parts or less. If you need to produce more parts per run, plastic injection molding is the ideal choice. While plastic injection molding has a longer turnaround time compared to 3D printing, it also yields a higher quantity of parts, ultimately making it a more productive use of time.

Minimal Waste

Another benefit of plastic injection molding over 3D printing is that plastic injection molding produces far less waste—and less waste translates into a remarkably eco-friendly and cost-effective way to produce parts. Because plastic injection molding involves pouring the precise amount of material needed directly into a mold, the amount of waste produced during the manufacturing process is virtually non-existent.

Durable Products

3D printing produces flimsy parts with rough finishes that require smoothing. If you want durable, high-quality parts that don’t require additional tinkering post-build, plastic injection molding is the superior option.

Accommodates Any Shape or Size

With plastic injection molding, you can produce parts of any size, shape, or complexity. 3D printing, on the other hand, limits you to small and simplistic components.

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