Custom Injection Molding to Advance Your Small Business

When a small business produces products with 3D printers, requires high-volume, sophisticated parts, and is looking to mass-produce, they need to look no further than a custom injection molding service such as Jet Mold Products. Custom injection molding allows you to seamlessly move from prototyping to end-part production. Jet Mold Products is a turnkey shop that handles your manufacturing needs from product design to building a mold to delivery. Custom injection molding delivers a high level of production and minimizes the cost per unit.

Jet Mold Products was established in 1986 as a Plastic Injection Molding Company and is in central California. Jet Mold Products can mold plastics parts in many types of materials and can mold small to large quantities. We are also a provider of prototypes for all types of applications and inventors. We can take your drawings or simple sketch and provide you with quality machined or molded plastic parts.

Our molding department consists of 10 molding machines ranging from 28 tons to 400 tons of clamping force. Jet Mold Products has earned the reputation of being one of the best in the industry, and we take pride in the fact that we offer high-quality, low-cost solutions.

Turning your idea into reality, we specialize in providing a complete concept solution from design to tooling, production, fulfillment, and packaging. With the benefit of our highly experienced designers and toolmakers, you will receive a product that guarantees excellence, accuracy, tolerances and enhanced cycle times.

Jet Mold Products has the capability of molding parts with intricate geometries and variations in wall thickness. We make certain that tolerances, color, physical appearance, and mechanical characteristics match your specifications exactly. We offer:

Fast turnaround time (receive a quote within 24 hours) – we work with you throughout the entire process helping to identify bottlenecks.

Lower cost – once the preliminary expenses have been paid, the cost for each unit during injection molded manufacturing is extremely low.

Scalability – numerous identical cavities are machined into the mold tool. This permits for more parts to be generated per shot, reducing the unit costs.

Durability – several parts are designed into the same mold tool. This allows for the minimization of tooling costs.

Multiple finish choices – choose from an array of colors and textures for your finished product.

Better for the environment – injection molding generates minimal scrap rates in contrast to other manufacturing processes.

High-quality plastic mechanisms are key to sustainable growth and viability for your 3D printing company. Having said that, these mechanisms must deliver quick production lead times and reasonable/affordable pricing. When your business utilizes custom-made plastic mechanisms.

If you don’t hire a reputable company to create them, you will often encounter unanticipated issues including, but not limited to:

Unexpected costs
Avoidable production delays
Loss of quality

The bottom line is that this entire process can quickly become much more complex than need be. Hiring a company with proper expertise is paramount to ease and success. Jet Mold Products partners with established and reputable experts in the field and our partners in the manufacturing industry give you access to all your manufacturing needs.

Our injection molding service allows you to seamlessly move from prototyping to end-part production.

Minimum Order Quantity – 500 Runs

Mold Material – Tool Steel P20, Carbon Steel S50C

Mold Storage – Minimum 2 Years

Mold Lead Time – Typically 4-5 Weeks

Quality Assurance – Inspection reports included, and full-dimensional report and material certifications available upon request.

Design Verification Program – Like First Article Inspection, you will receive 2 sets of parts upon the machining of the mold to test fit before continuing with full production.

Mold Re-machining – We can re-machine the molds should any changes be required, changes to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

At Jet Mold Products Inc. we understand your company’s need to reduce the time to product launch. Therefore, we are dedicated to offering you a custom quote quick. We deliver an exclusive manufacturing process that guarantees an exceptionally cost-efficient distribution of high-quality prototype and production parts.

Our knowledge, skills, and proficiency in injection molding will assist you over a broad variety of applications – from simple to complex. Our experts are fully prepared to work with you to attain all your product goals with features like:

Internal threads
External threads
Thin wall molding
Over molding

Jet Mold Products has full capability to mold products from a large range of polymers, which can be designed from either our vast internal inventory or by custom sourcing. We work with you based on your exact needs. We completely appreciate that we are generating components that are on the vital path toward your product launch strategies.

Jet Mold Products understands the significance of producing quality components on schedule. Therefore, our technical experts work diligently to be involved at every single stop in the process, from the initial quote right on down to final production. You can rest assured that your project will always hold the highest probability of success from start to finish.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” ― Theodore Roosevelt

Custom plastics molding is, perhaps, one of the most competitive industries out there today. To that end, the customer expects the highest quality service possible, rightfully so. At Jet Mold Products, we realize and appreciate this and make it our mission and philosophy to put the customer first and stand by our product. This is the reason we have become so successful.

Our customer comes first – always!

What are the benefits of choosing injection molding over 3D printing?

For Large Quantities – Injection molding is a much more cost-effective and time effective solution for production.

For Simple Geometries – In business, needed quantities tend to increase. Simple geometries such as simple shapes, few irregular features, and other types are easily produced with injection molding. The value of 3D printing at this point is lesser than the injection molding process.

When Material Choice is Crucial – Although 3D printing is making strides, the varieties of formulations and plastics used in injection molding is incomparable. Certain types of materials/material properties might not be attainable using 3D printing.

Our Guarantee to You

To us, it is a no-brainer that if our clients don’t make money with their products, then obviously we won’t either. Through our years of business, we have grown to learn that our customers depend on the performance of our products; therefore, we ensure the use of the finest materials, quality machines, and the best customer service available. We’ve had customers come to us in the past who have gone elsewhere and did not receive the highest quality and

performance standards were not met. They have been persuaded to take shortcuts to save time or money. Let us assure you that your product and your business is too important to go that route. Shortcuts will fail you every single time. The highest-quality standards are all that is acceptable to Jet Mold Products, and that is all that we will entertain.

Our guarantee to you, the customer, is the best customer service, high-quality standards and total satisfaction with your products. – Jet Mold Products

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