Plastic Injection Molding Design

Don’t let more materials, time, and money be used for molding than needs to be. Consider these factors for plastic injection molding design. From the material and critical tolerance to the sink markings, plan accordingly so you can have a successful design.


Ensure that your material of choice is agreed upon by all parties involved. Additionally, verify that all molders agree with specified resins, part requirements, and overall plastic injection molding services. Keep in mind that some molders offer discounts if purchases are made in bulk. In turn, these discounts can be passed along to customers. Purchases in bulk could save you thousands of dollars depending on your size of purchase. Save yourself time and money in the long run.

Critical Tolerance

It’s crucial that enough clearance for tolerance variation is provided in your injection mold design. Tolerance variation is affected by materials, process control, and tool design. Every mold and its tolerance ranges will be different from one another. It’s imperative to discuss tolerance specifications for this reason. Some designs may ask for more or less tolerance than others. Communicate and prepare accordingly.

Sink Markings

Sink mark challenges come with the territory of injection mold parts. Molders may be reluctant to confirm that a cosmetic surface will be sink mark-free. Most professionals recommend wall thickness to be 50%-60% of the perpendicular face wall. Rib heights can be added on the opposite side to help prevent these markings. However, collaborate and decide on rib heights or other features that can help to prevent infamous sink markings.

A successful design can be rewarding. Consider these factors for plastic injection molding design so that you can achieve this success yourself. Collaborate well with others so that material, critical tolerance, and sink markings are properly prepared for. Don’t let your material, time, and money be wasted.

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