Car bumpers, medical equipment, musical instruments, and phone cases are just a few things we can thank plastic injection molding for. Countless industries around the globe use this part-producing process to create top-quality plastic parts in bulk. Are you interested in learning more about this versatile manufacturing process? Here’s a brief guide to how plastic injection molding works.

What’s Plastic Injection Molding?

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process used to mass-produce plastic parts of various sizes, complexities, and compositions.

A Brief History

The story of plastic injection molding began in 1872 when an American inventor named John Wesley Hyatt patented the first plastic injection molding machine. He planned to use it to mass-produce plastic billiard balls. His billiard balls weren’t much of a hit, but the technology behind them was!

Plastic injection molding started as a way to produce small and simple plastic parts quickly and affordably. Today, it finds use in almost every major field. This extends from the pharmaceutical industry to the automotive industry.

How Does It Work?

It wouldn’t be a proper guide to how plastic injection molding works if we didn’t give a walkthrough of the process.

The plastic injection molding process is surprisingly simple. In the beginning, a machine injects molten material into a steel mold. Inside the mold, the material slowly cools and hardens. Then, the mold opens, revealing the finished product.

Why Use Plastic Injection Molding?

There are other options for producing plastic parts, such as 3D printing and spin casting. Why use plastic injection molding instead? Plastic injection molding has several advantages over similar processes. Let’s look at a few of them.

Large Production Runs

Plastic injection molding can accommodate large production runs. Comparable processes can only produce runs of 100 parts or less.


Plastic injection molding is also an extremely efficient process. Because it uses the same mold for every like part, you can count on receiving products of consistently high quality.

Lower Costs

Since plastic injection molding is a fully automated process, businesses that use it can save on labor costs. Another factor driving down costs is how little waste the process produces.


Finally, plastic injection molding affords businesses a great degree of flexibility. You can mix materials to create stronger products or get the exact color you want.

Are you thinking about using plastic injection molding as your go-to part producing process? Jet Mold Products offers plastic injection molding services for businesses wanting to make the switch. We can handle production runs of all sizes and products of all complexities, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us today to learn how we can help.


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