Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves pouring molten thermoplastic material into a mold to harden. It’s an inexpensive and highly efficient way to mass-produce parts of all sorts. Thanks to the sheer versatility of plastic injection molding, various industries worldwide use it to produce their products. Let’s look at the top five industries that benefit from plastic injection molding and how they use this handy process.


The pharmaceutical industry is one industry that makes good use of the plastic injection molding process. In the pharmaceutical industry, quality and consistency are essential; fortunately, plastic injection molding delivers on both fronts. The process is used to make diagnostic test kits, surgical prep products, X-ray components, and other plastic parts that meet industry and governmental standards of quality, uniformity, and sterilization.

Food and Beverage

Like the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry has stringent rules the industry has to adhere to. To meet the FDA standards, the industry uses plastic injection molding to create parts made from food-grade plastics. It also relies on plastic injection molding for conveyor system, processing equipment, and filtering component production.


Plastic injection molding is a vital process in the automotive industry. It permits the creation of inexpensive and lightweight, yet quality components like aspirators, semi-truck handles, brake pads, and more.

Building and Construction

The building and construction industry also heavily uses plastic injection molding. Plastic injection molding allows them to create durable, reliable, and lightweight hand tools, fasteners, and other accessories in bulk.

Consumer Products

The final industry in this list that benefits from plastic injection molding is the consumer products industry. In fact, the consumer products industry is easily the top industry that uses this manufacturing process. Plastic injection molding can create all kinds of consumer goods, from toys to household items to electronic device housings. It also makes it easy to customize items with custom colors, designs, and textures, which further lends to its appeal.

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